Take Control of Every Pass

Track and harness insights from every field, input and machine to reach your goals this planting season.

Take Control of Every Pass

Track and harness insights from every field, input and machine to reach your goals this planting season.

Put Your Plan Into Action
Planting Season Checklist
Check Compatibility
Confirm Field Boundaries
Pre-Load Seed Names
Update FieldView Cab™ App
Run CloudSync
Set Up Planting Equipment
Install FieldView™ Drive

You’re in Control, All Season Long

We know you can’t guarantee a predictable planting season, but with seamless data syncing, in-progress planting maps and reliable support, you can wrestle control from the uncontrollable.

Pre-Planting Tips

Digital Ag experts Tom and Sara share tips on preparing for the busy planting season. Learn what needs to be updated, double-checked and ready to go.

Check Planter Compatibility

Let’s get your planter ready to roll when you hit the field this planting season. Ensure your planter or sprayer is compatible with FieldView™ in a few short steps.

Pre-Load Your Seed Names

Optimize your time by pre-loading your hybrids or varieties before you find yourself out in the field. After all, the more precise your data, the smoother your operation

Plant Just Like You Planned

Seamlessly implement your plan and track every pass as soon as the planter starts. That’s planting with FieldView.

Create Scripts Tailored to Your Fields

Whether you’re creating prescriptions manually or taking advantage of the enhanced scripting FieldView Premium has to offer, there are scripting options to fit every field.

How to Monitor Planting From Anywhere

Stay in the loop even when you aren’t in the cab. With RemoteView in the FieldView™ Cab app, it’s easy to see exactly what the operator sees, no matter where you are.

How to Create a Planting Summary Report

When you’re ready, this video shows you how to create, view and share planting reports as PDFs using the FieldView™ Cab app.

Now on the Blog: Seasonal Insights From the Experts

Digital agriculture is always evolving—and fast. The FieldView blog keeps you ahead of the curve with practical tips, insights, and best practices, straight from the experts. Below are some highlights, perfect for planting season.

Planting 2024 Checklist

Sync up. Seeds down. Start tracking. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that. Luckily FieldView simplifies the complex, helping you manage all the moving parts of planting season, every step of the way.

This DNA Test Can Tell the Future of Your Soil

If the standard soil sample is listening to a song on the radio, then soil biology is a live concert in your living room. Using technical advancements in computing that have been used to analyze human DNA, PatternAg is harnessing this similar technology to detect insects, disease and the fertility of your soil with 90% certainty.

Building a Winning Seed Roster

What do digital farming and sabermetrics have in common? Learn about the surprising connection between batting average and yield average from seed dealer Mitch Zumbach.