We’re leading
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Using the latest data science and engineering, agronomic science, and real-world farming experience, we’re pioneering sustainable digital solutions and technology breakthroughs as a part of Bayer Crop Science. We value our employees and pride ourselves in fostering a purpose-driven, people-focused culture not only in the workplace, but in everything we do.

A team you can stand behind

Working at Climate is more than an office job. Our employees are engaged in meaningful, fulfilling work with a team they believe in.

Purpose-driven, people-focused

Take a look at some of the things that put us a step above the rest.

Ag advancements

The future of farming is digital, and our employees are at the forefront of a quickly evolving landscape. We’re always working to improve efficiency for farmers, transform the way our customers experience the relationship between technology and agriculture, and reduce our environmental footprint. With innovative solutions like the Climate FieldView suite of apps and our ForGround regenerative agriculture platform, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of some of the most important advancements in ag.


We’re positioned at the intersection of technology, science, and agriculture to help farmers meet the food demands of a growing world. We work with vast amounts of agronomic data including weather, satellite-based imagery, soil, and geospatial data to provide actionable insights to aid farmers across the globe.

  • Climate FieldView: Paving the way in digital agriculture, Climate FieldView provides farmers with comprehensive visualization of their entire operation. With this platform, farmers can collect, store, and analyze data directly from their farms to measure the impact of their agronomic decisions and maximize return on every acre.
  • Technical Challenges: Our teams are committed to big-picture problem solving, meticulous logistics optimization, and everything in between. We’re contributing to a more data-driven future by ensuring our data is reliable and timely, supporting and improving emerging technology compatibility, and bringing new tools and technologies into the ag space.

Our engineering, product, and science teams work together to build predictive solutions for farmers. Our models are backed by almost a million internal research trials and are helping make agronomic insights increasingly accurate and available to farmers everywhere.

  • Sustainability: By leveraging our digital infrastructure, we enable farmers to adopt, verify, and be compensated for choosing sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices. We’re developing tools and solutions to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, promote soil health, and increase biodiversity.
  • Solutions Across Every Season: Our advancements in predictive ag and stronger, improved data models help us provide farmers with the digital tools they need to get the most out of their land. These technologies and solutions allow us to contribute in real ways in giving back to our communities.
Early career

Our interns gain industry experience, enhance technical knowledge, and build a strong professional network. Working in collaboration with various teams across the organization, they’re empowered to make a significant impact within the company.

  • Mentorship: Our 1:1 mentorship ensures our interns are gaining as much knowledge and support as possible. Over the 12-week internship, we provide a wide range of networking opportunities, learning and development programs, and fun social events.
  • Applying: Positions open in the fall and students are welcome to apply through early spring. Students of all levels who are enrolled in an accredited university are eligible to apply. We provide competitive salaries and relocation stipends to assist with getting settled in a new city. We’re happy to offer our paid internships at our offices in San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Chicago.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our company culture is deeply rooted in cultivating a supportive, inclusive environment for our teams. We do our best work when we feel like we fully belong, and we work hard to create an environment where all identities can flourish.

  • Representation: We continue to deepen relationships with immersion and training programs, and are committed to a series of robust aspirational goals we’ve set to encourage, celebrate, and improve employee representation.
  • Creating Spaces: We support a growing network of employee resource groups, commemorate meaningful heritage celebrations and historic events, and are always looking for ways to continue cultivating community. We offer an internal learning program called Empower Hour and encourage employees to participate and grow within the organization.

Benefits snapshot

The well-being of our employees is our top priority. Check out some of the ways we support and empower our employees to thrive both at and outside of work.

Financial wellness

We offer competitive pay, bonuses, and access to our Employee Share Purchase Plan program.


We provide an industry leading 401K match up to 10% and a Retiree Medical Account.


We offer a full and comprehensive health benefits package with dental, vision, and mental health care.


Our hybrid work model mixes on-site and remote work in safe ways.

Professional growth

We offer tuition reimbursement, leadership training, access to our upskilling platform, and international opportunities.

Community engagement

We provide paid time off for volunteer activities, and The Bayer Fund will match up to 100% of qualified charitable donations.

What we believe in


We believe in those who show ambition, humility, and the courage to push the limits and strive for excellence.


Our company culture is built on employees who are committed to making a difference, share in each other’s successes, and create an inclusive environment where all people are valued.


We encourage employees to continually seek opportunities to increase their digital acumen, explore new ideas without the fear of failure, and build authentic relationships with customers.


Our employees confidently confront difficult situations head-on and are always adapting to changing environments while continuously putting their best foot forward.




Join the team

Ready to build a meaningful career? We’re looking for passionate, motivated problem-solvers to help us work towards a more sustainable future. Take a look at our available positions and get started today.