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Receive a $100 discount on FieldView Plus or FieldView Premium for both new and current Bayer PLUS Rewards members for one year. Sign up for Bayer PLUS Rewards and redeem your FieldView offer today.

How to get $100 discount on FieldView

Step 1
Sign up or log into your Bayer PLUS Rewards account.
Step 2
Accept the offer on your Bayer PLUS Rewards dashboard.
Step 3
Follow the prompts to create or connect your FieldView account.
Step 4
Enter or update payment information. Enjoy your $100 Discount

See the value FieldView Plus or FieldView Premium can bring to your operation

Pricing Details Pricing Details Pricing Details
FieldView is constantly evolving and improving. This content is subject to change, and will be updated regularly to reflect these changes.
Receive a $100 Discount for Bayer PLUS Rewards members
Check out our frequently asked questions below.

If you have any additional questions — contact us.

Where is the Bayer PLUS Rewards dashboard?
After you have created and verified your account, go to this page on Bayer PLUS Rewards.
Where can I get help signing up for Bayer PLUS Rewards?
Call us at (877) 976-8286 Monday–Friday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM CST or visit the support page or email
If I am currently a FieldView user, do I receive one year from program activation or one year from my current renewal date?
Current users will receive one additional year of FieldView Plus or Premium from their current renewal date.
Is the FieldView™ Drive Starter Kit included?
No, new users will need to purchase a FieldView™ Drive or FieldView Drive Starter Kit.
How do I link my Bayer PLUS Rewards and FieldView accounts?
Customers will link their FieldView account on the Bayer PLUS Rewards registration and dashboard page. This is done automatically when you accept the FieldView discount offer on the Bayer PLUS site.
Can I share data on FieldView with my trusted dealer or agronomic partner?
Yes. You can invite anyone to create a FieldView Plus or Premium account. After they create an account, you can share data on a single field, farm or your entire operation. And as always, you control which trusted advisor has access to your field data.