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The Climate Corporation Privacy Q&A

The Climate Corporation and our affiliates respect our customers’ privacy. That’s why it’s important to us that you understand how we’ll use the personal and farming information you share with us to enable The Climate Corporation’s products and services.

Please review our full Privacy Policy, for these products and services before you use them. In that policy, you’ll find that we:

  1. Respect that you own the information you provide to us, including the data generated from the farming equipment you operate.
  2. Commit to requesting your consent before using your information for any purpose other than those described in our Privacy Policy.
  3. Allow you to delete your information from our systems upon request.

Below are some Privacy Policy questions we hear frequently from customers.

To which products and services does the Privacy Policy apply?

Our Privacy Policy applies only to the following products and services, and our technology platforms, applications, and services insofar as they are used to deliver and support them:

Collectively, this is what the Privacy Policy refers to as the "Climate Corporation Service Platform."

What information is covered by the Privacy Policy?

It covers the personal and farming operation information you provide to us when you purchase, set up, or use any Climate Corporation Service Platform product or service, including, for example, the data generated from the farming equipment you own or lease. In the Privacy Policy, we call that "Your Information."

Do you own my information once I provide it to you?

No. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we do not claim any ownership interest in Your Information. As between you and us, Your Information remains yours after you provide it to us. As between you and others, you represent to us that you own that information, and therefore we presume that you do.

How will you use my information?

Your Information will be used to deliver, administer and enhance the Climate Corporation Service Platform products and services that you actually purchase. We may also use Your Information to communicate with you about our products and services, but you can opt out at any time.

We will not use Your Information for any other purpose unless you give us permission, except when we’re legally required to or to protect our legal rights. For example, we will not sell Your Information, use it to speculate on commodities or use it to help seed producers set seed prices.

Who has access to the information I provide?

We and our Service Providers have access to Your Information, unless you choose to provide others access to information on your Climate account. "Service Providers" are companies, and consultants we work with to support our business operations, like website hosting, data analysis, software development and other services. Those Service Providers agree not to use or disclose Your Information other than to provide their services for us. Monsanto’s seed and chemistry sales organizations will not be able to use Your Information to market those products to you.

Our Privacy Policy does not address, and we aren’t responsible for, the information and data collection, use, disclosure or security of any channel partner or other user to whom you choose to provide Your Information or Climate Corporation Service Platform account access, such as dealers, agents and sales representatives who help you purchase and use Your Products. We will allow you to view who has that access and to revoke their access.

Will you voluntarily share my personal or farming information with government agencies?

No. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we will not share Your Information with any government entity unless we’re legally compelled, or legally required in our judgment, to do so.

Will you sell my information or use it to speculate on commodities in an attempt to manipulate the market?

No. As detailed in our Privacy Policy, we will not sell Your Information, and we will not use it for speculative commodities trading.

Will my information be aggregated? If so, how will this aggregated data be used?

We may create "Aggregated Information" by combining Your Information with information that other customers choose to share with us and with information obtained from other sources, such that your specific information won’t be reasonably identifiable. Examples of Aggregated Information include summary pest and disease reports for a customer’s region, average yield by practice in a customer’s county, and average input costs for all growers in a customer’s state.

Aggregated Information will be used to deliver, administer, develop and enhance Climate Corporation Service Platform products and services and to make general marketing or advertising statements about our products or services, such as the input costs saved or yield loss mitigated from Climate Pro advisor recommendations. We will not use Aggregated Information for any other purposes without your permission, except when legally required or to protect our legal rights. For example, we will not use it to speculate on commodities or to help seed producers set seed prices.

Since The Climate Corporation is owned by Monsanto Company, will my information be used to influence seed pricing? What about for seed pricing by other companies?

No. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, Your Information will not be used to help Monsanto or other agricultural seed producers price their seed. In fact, Aggregated Information won’t be used for that purpose either.

Will my information be used by Monsanto Company to sell me seed?

No. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we will not use Your Information to market Monsanto seed brands to you. The Climate Corporation and Monsanto’s seed business operate independently of one another.

Can I delete my information from Climate Corporation Service Platform systems?

Yes. Email delete-request@climate.com to have Your Information and accounts deleted from our systems. There are some practical and required exceptions. We won’t delete information that we’re legally required to keep or that’s needed to protect our rights or to support your products and services. Also, if information has already been combined into Aggregated Information, such as to inform the development of an agronomic model, that Aggregated Information will not be changed. However, the specific information you provided, such as your name, GPS coordinates, historic planting or yield data, will be deleted. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about deleting Your Information from our systems.

Will you let me export my information from your systems to transfer it to a different agronomic services or precision agriculture company?

Yes. We plan to design the Climate Corporation Service Platform to allow you to extract your data at any time and send it to another service provider.

The Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), of which The Climate Corporation is a founding participant, is working to provide data standards and formats to make it easier for you to move your data from a service provider and have it easily work on another service provider’s platform. Visit openag.io for more information about OADA.