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FieldView Prime

See what's happening in each field

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See field conditions across your entire operation.

FieldView™ Prime provides you with agronomic and weather data at the field level so you can make more informed decisions. With mobile access and visibility into current and future field conditions, you can make timely operational decisions anytime, anywhere.

See field conditions across your entire operation.

Field-Level Weather

View historical, real-time and forecasted weather at the field level (hourly + daily)

  • View comprehensive recent and historical weather trends to help make informed production decisions.
  • Decide which fields are workable based on precipitation and wind speed
  • Inform operational decisions using Future Radar
  • Look for trends using weather data from the past 30+ years
See weather forecasts and current conditions for each field.


Keep an eye on changing conditions with automatic notifications

  • Start every day with an email report of 24-hour precipitation total
  • Receive a text notification when hail is detected in a field
Receive text & email notifications for precipitation.


Capture geo-located images and notes for things like pests and disease

  • Identify areas of interest and navigate back to them
  • Quickly capture notes in the field to save
Record field images and notes for diseases and pests.

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