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In our services, we use statistical and agronomic models, research and data (including historical, estimated and simulated weather and agronomic data), and combine it with information provided by you, to generate the recommendations and precipitation, moisture, temperature, growth stage and other information we provide. The generated information and recommendations are estimates based on these inputs, and we cannot guarantee actual results. Our services, models, data and recommendations may change over time. Individual results may vary, as weather, growing conditions and farming practices differ across growers, locations and years.

Our recommendations and services should not be used as a substitute for sound farming practices, including diligent field monitoring, or as a sole means for making farming, risk management or financial decisions. We want to help you make better decisions, but we are not acting as your agronomist, financial advisor, insurance agent, commodity broker or agent. Consult those service professionals before making decisions.

The information and recommendations we provide do not modify or enhance your rights under insurance policies you may have purchased through our affiliates. Please refer to your policy for details about any insurance coverage you may have purchased.