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You can rely on our unique combination of Federal crop insurance, Crop-Hail and Total Weather Insurance to protect your profits and to optimize your daily production decisions and increase your profits.


Ag Production Management

The Climate Corporation’s proprietary technology platform combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver an easy-to-use web and mobile service, We have designed the service to help you improve your operations’ efficiency and increase your profits by making better informed operating and financing decisions on a daily and seasonal basis.


feature_climate_v1 provides up-to-the-minute data for field-level monitoring, yield forecasting, crop insights and decision support for daily and seasonal production decisions to help you increase your profitability. is available through the web and on mobile devices.
  • Improved Planning: Accurate, current field-level conditions and forecasts help you better plan planting, tillage, spraying and harvest to save valuable time.
  • Better Tracking and Scouting: Automated tracking and forecasts of field-specific crop growth stages help you stay on top of your operation and make timely decisions that can improve yields.
  • Insight into Yield Outcomes: Field-specific yield projections that are updated daily give you insight into the outcome of each field, and help you make better operational and marketing decisions.

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Full-Stack Risk Management

Supported by Climate’s state-of-the-art Crop Risk Optimizer, your independent agent will help you identify your specific risks and coverage needs based on your farming costs, business goals and field characteristics. Climate provides full-stack risk management from Federal crop insurance to Crop-Hail as well as our unique Total Weather Insurance that can help protect profits.


feature_mp_v1The Climate Corporation provides Federal crop insurance enhanced by easy-to-use technology that assesses risk and recommends optimal coverage, tracks crop and policy performance, simplifies reporting and manages claims proactively.
  • Risk Assessment & Optimized Coverage: Identify your specific risks and coverage needs based on your farming costs, business goals and field characteristics.
  • Crop & Policy Tracking: Receive notification through of potential yield shortfalls due to growing conditions.
  • Reporting: Online map-based production and acreage reporting for growers through
  • Adjustment and Claims: Technology-driven claims process allows for timely deployment of experienced adjusters; followed by prompt loss payments.

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feature_twi_v1Total Weather Insurance is a unique, full-season program that supplements Federal crop insurance to help protect your profits against yield loss due to adverse weather.
  • Customized: Coverage is tuned to your crop, location, soil type and local weather risks.
  • Profit-focused: TWI complements Federal crop insurance programs and protects profits at risk due to adverse weather.
  • Hassle-free: TWI policies have no claims process, no paperwork and no waiting for payment. If bad weather happens, you are paid automatically at the end of the coverage period.

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feature_ch_v1Comprehensive protection program to build on your Federal crop coverage.
  • Crop-Hail Coverage: Standard policies include protection from hail, fire & lightning and perils associated with transportation. Endorsements include Stored Grain, Green Snap and Wind, and vary by state.

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feature_np_v1Named Peril drought coverage for grasslands with accuracy unmatched elsewhere.
  • Named Peril Drought for Grassland: Designed to protect farmers and ranchers from financial losses that may result from drought on rangeland, pastureland or hayland.

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